Real Stories


Working towards gaining her Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, 15 year old Lucy Tait – a pupil at William Howard School, felt that something needed to be done to help people during the COVID crisis, so she rang the Brampton Area Action Group Help Desk, offering to help as a volunteer, and to ask the group for ideas.

Hearing about the number of individuals and families who are really struggling because of loss of employment, loneliness due to isolation, or sudden financial hardship, Lucy quickly set about making plans to help.

With help from her family, Lucy began to organise a house to house leaflet drop in Great Corby, requesting donations of food or anything that would be useful to help people in need. Two weeks later, Lucy called the Brampton Area Action Group Help Desk again to say that she had: “—a few bags of food to help the food bank”

“A FEW BAGS OF FOOD” was a huge understatement. It was a giant car load, which will help the Charity meet many families and individuals needs in Brampton and the surrounding villages over the coming weeks.

Lucy’s Mum Jane helped to deliver the donations to the Brampton Community Centre from which the Brampton Area Action Group S.H.I.N.E food initiative has been operating for the past 13 months. Jane said: “We are so proud of our Lucy, she was very keen to get started, in order to help make a difference to some people’s lives. It is lovely to hear that Lucy’s efforts are really helping people – she is now planning to leaflet the rest of Great Corby over the Easter”.

David Moorat – Chief Executive Officer of Brampton Area Action Group said:

“This goes to show that when communities come together, they really can make a difference. Lucy’s donations have already been put into emergency food parcels to help families who are struggling. We need to remember that any one of us could suddenly be put into a position where we need the help of others. The pandemic has reinforced that community and collaboration is what makes Cumbria a great place to live” He went on to say : Lucy’s volunteering is a shining example of today’s get up and do youth”

Brampton Area Action Group would also like to thank the villagers of Great Corby for their very generous support.